I am inclined to work large. I believe making icons and imagery close to life size or larger helps to engage the viewer. My current approach to printmaking is based in collage and pursuit of the tangent with heavy emphases on layering and subtle undertones. My artistic endeavors have recently steered towards the combination of printmaking and encaustic painting. The ability to suspend my prints behind thin veils of wax allows me to achieve more depth. My pieces are constructed from years of collected imagery, layered and juxtaposed in a combination that creates balance and harmony. My image bank is comprised of memories, people, and places from throughout the course of my life. This idea of memory is especially evident in my encaustic prints, transpiring into faded scenes within a vignette, as worn and distant as parts of my past. Initially, my work carries a fluid conception, relying on components in combination to influence and ultimately change the final project’s character.